About Ursula Wedmann

Fine art photography & prints by Ursula Wedmann, Kelowna, Okanagan, BC
Photograph by Paul Tordella

Ursula specializes in artistic photography of the natural world. The beauty of vast expanses and small details, the unexpected and the unusual ... these things captivate her. Her photographic style ranges from realistic, to impressionistic, to whimsical. She says, “There is much beauty, joy and goodness in the world, despite all the ugliness, sadness and evil. If we see the beauty, pause to reflect on it and let it wash over us, it has the power to soothe our souls. It can mesmerize us, fill us with wonder, refresh us, and transport us to a place of peace and healing. Through my work I hope to encourage people to see the beauty that surrounds them and to experience a sense of delight and wonder in it.”

Ursula’s love affair with photography began in the mid-1960s when she received a Kodak Instamatic 100 camera for Christmas. She is primarily self-taught, though she has participated in numerous photography seminars, workshops and tours. She travels extensively to capture images of beauty from around the world. Her photographs have been exhibited at various public venues, businesses and churches in the Kelowna area. Ursula Wedmann, Photographer, Arts Council of the Central Okanagan Member

Ursula is a member of the Arts Council of the Central Okanagan and the Canadian Association for Photographic Art. UBQ Photography is listed on Photography Pro's Fine Art Photographers and on GoBC's directory of artists.